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Welcome to the NYC Open Data Tumblr

As part of Mayor Bloomberg’s commitment to transparency and innovation, over 800 (and counting!) City datasets are now online for anyone in New York or around the world to explore and access via an API, for deeper, real-time integration into apps and…

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Tired of tracking down each and every food truck on their own individual Twitter account? Yeah, it’s hard to keep track of all the Korean tacos and cupcakes and fancy grilled cheeses cruising around out there. That’s why was invented, and now, you can finally get it on the go.

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by Julio López Saguar, Cologne.
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This is both scary and exciting—kind of like Disney World and 42nd Street.


Masakatsu Sashie envisions Tokyo as a series of Death Stars.

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Map Sculptures of Matthew Picton

Artist creates sculptures representing cities, using paper that is relevant to the city depicted. From CollabCubed:

From collages made with maps, to maps made with paper, some of them anyway. British artist Matthew Picton, who presently lives and works in Oregon, creates map sculptures. His most recent works are made of paper; not just any paper, but texts or sheet music that is significant to each city in some way.  A few examples include: Jerusalem created from The New Testament, The Torah, The Armenian Bible and The Koran; Las Vegas in 1972 created from texts from Hunter S Thompson’s “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” (and luminescent paint); Dresden in 1945 using sheet music of the score of “The Ring” by Wagner; and Lower Manhattan created from headlines that accompanied the 2001 World Trade center bombing and DVD covers of the film “Towering Inferno” also book covers of the novel “The Plot Against America” by Philip Roth, just to name a few.

More examples and links can be found at CollabCubed

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January 18, 2012

Dear Bank of America,

Walking through the front door of our house with tears in our eyes after a coach unfairly cut us from a sports team or a teacher treated us badly, my mom would always threaten that she was going to write him or her, a strongly worded…

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The comb bike rack is finished! Knowhow Shop is breathing a sigh of relief now that the bike rack is enroute to Virginia. The 400 pound comb is handcrafted out of Mangaris using full mortise and tenon construction, while the hair is made from powder coated steel.

For any readers in…

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You are cordially invited to the Studio 20 Open Studio, a presentation of innovations in journalism by the students and innovators of Studio 20. These final projects are the both the capstone project for students enrolled in the NYU Arthur L. Carter School of Journalism, and a survey of cutting…

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40 Portraits from Occupy Wall Street - Tent City
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So, here’s the deal: NYC is granting some land (and a hundred million dollars) to a university that wants to build a technology campus in NYC. Word on the street is that Cornell and Stanford are finalists.

The city’s goal is simple: Bring more great tech talent to NYC, which will encourage…

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